4 common challenges when making the transition from student life to the world of work


Starting your first full-time paid job with long-term prospects requires adjusting to some significant differences from academic life. However, if you can anticipate the differences you are likely to encounter, you will be prepared for them and they will become easier.

There are certain common pitfalls that many people encounter when making the move from academia to the world of work.

Here are five typical obstacles you may encounter when entering the workforce. Is it so:

Working with different generations: One factor to consider is the type of people you work with. At school, you tend to select the type of people around you, although there will be some differences. At work, however, you may find yourself working alongside people who graduated at different times and are from different generations, such as Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z. If you’re a manager, managing older people is sometimes difficult. than you or have more experience.

Have an unclear structure: At the academy, the entire academic year is structured with your schedule, schedule, and the number of sessions you need to obtain your certificate. However, that is not really the case in the world of work, as companies are affected by both internal and external environmental factors.

working alone vs. teamwork: Another thing to consider is that in an academic setting, you can often work alone. For example, even if you can participate in group projects, your final grade is ultimately up to you. That’s usually not the case in a workplace because you can often work as a team.

Know your long-term career path: Another element to consider is your long-term path. When you study, you know what you are committing to, like a four or five year degree. However, when you start working, you may not have the same pattern for your career. So there’s a good chance you don’t know where you’ll be in three years because there are so many variables to consider.

These are some of the things to understand, so it’s important to be self-aware and understand that you will likely face challenges when you start out in the world of work.

Also, waiting for them to happen makes the transition much smoother, which is a good thing. Although it may not seem like it at the time, it will help you build your confidence, learn and develop in your role and career. In the long run, it will help you improve your resilience, improve your performance, and create the career you want. So it’s really important that you see them as opportunities rather than just challenges.

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