4 cats and 1 dog live in a “garbage” apartment-Zimo News


The Foundation of 30 million friends intervenes – in cooperation with the shelter of Vesoul (70), in the totally unsanitary residence of Héricourt in Haute-Saône (70). A dog and four cats live in litter and their droppings.

like they empty their apartment every day ”. Armand B., Vice President of Vesoul Refuge (Partner of the 30 Million Friends Foundation) was in disbelief as he entered the residence of Hericourt (70). Garbage everywhere, bad smell and filth… a two-year-old puppy and four cats” completely on one’s own “.

“These animals never came out! »

Cats and dogs never go outsaid Béatrice, an investigator with the Foundation of 30 Million Friends who was present during the rescue. They breathed a sigh of relief directly on the ground. The condition of this apartment is catastrophic! The worst part was that the locals told us they had cleaned up. You can’t leave animals in a dump like this. No animals were shredded or even vaccinated.

The surviving animals are taken in by the Vesoul Refuge (70). If dogs were better, cats unfortunately didn’t survive” leukemia “. Other animals are currently cared for and nurtured by volunteers.” They are doing well and will be adopted soon. “, the vice president concluded.

Shortly before this rescue, six cats were taken from a person who was already banned from owning animals.


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