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4 Blade Fans vs 3 Blade Fans: Which is Perfect for your Home

4 Blade Fans vs 3 Blade Fans: Which is Perfect for your Home

Selecting the perfect fan for your home is definitely an arduous task. It requires more research, patience, time, and effort. There are numerous brands and models out in the market that you buy for your home. Even the electric fan price is found to be at a very reasonable rate. By investing in the best quality fans, you can save your money that is spent on regular services and maintenance. To give you more insight on the same, we have made a comparison between the four-blade fans vs. three-blade fans and stated the reason which is perfect for your home. So, keep reading!

Importance of Ceiling Fan Blades

The ceiling fan blades are a very important part of the fans you get for your home. You will be amazed to find out how the blades of a ceiling fan affect its performance and the aesthetics of your house. Choosing the ideal blade count is also very essential. Some might think the more blades, the better its performance. No, it is not true. The ideal blade count is around three. It gives you the optimum speed you are looking for. Some advanced electric fan models come with two blades, and the latest electric fan price is also very affordable. You can check it out.

4 Blade Fans vs. 3 Blade Fans

The balance between the blades and the working dynamics plays a very important role in the swift and better performance of the fan you are planning to invest in. But the friction and the drag force work in an opposite manner and adversely impact the well-working quality of the fan. It is said that both the three-blade and four-blade fans are said to work in the same manner. But deep research shows that the three-blade fans work in more capacity to provide nice airflow in the room when compared to the four-blade fan.

Because of the build, dynamics, and optimal position of the blades in the fan, the air is rightly passed into all the directions, while the four-blade fan produces more friction and, over time, will create more noise in the working. However, there are other options available in the market. Even the single blade and double blade options are also present, but in Indian households, it is common to choose three or four-blade fans. The motor that is installed in the fan is also very important. It must have a sufficient power load to enhance the rotation of the fan.

Which Type is Ideal for Your Room?

From the available range of three-blade fans and four-blade fans, it is recommended to go for the regular three-blade variant. With this variant, you will get the optimal working speed and the usual control modes. The main advantage of this model is that it is very balanced with the measured gap in between the blades, unlike the four-blade fans. There are some of the rooms that will need two fans in spite of the performance. For such cases you can definitely go for a four-blade fan which will disperse air in three directions.

The electrical fans are also a great option for you to buy for your room. The electric fan price also starts from an affordable rate in the market for the convenience of the users. You can effectively check out other options and then make your purchase in a prudent manner.

So, choosing the fan for your house depends on the requirements. No matter whether you buy a bajaj, orient, fanzart and havells three-blade fan or a four-blade fan, just check out the specification before you make your purchase.

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