3 Wallplate Accessories to Protect Your Family and Property


Light switches and outlets are standard household fixtures. You use them every single day without a second thought, and you likely never think of them as needing protection. However, by utilizing simple accessories, you can protect your switches, the areas around your wallplates, and even your children. Keep reading to learn what accessories you should consider for your wallplates so that you can keep your family safe and your property in good condition.

Wall Guards

How often does the wall around your light switch or outlet get dirty, smudged, scratched, or dinged? Dirty fingers can often mark up the paint around a light switch. Prongs on electrical cords can scratch up the wall around an outlet as you search for the outlet’s openings. Installing a simple plastic wall guard around your wallplate can help protect this part of your wall, so you’re not constantly having to scrub down or repaint these parts of your walls.

Wall guards are similar in shape to your wallplates but made of clear plastic so that they don’t detract from the overall look of your home. Loosen your electrical device and slide the wall guard in behind it. Retighten the electrical device onto the guard, then install the wallplate on top. The clear plastic will protect your paint job and keep things looking neat and clean.

Switch Guards

Is there a switch in your home that you simply don’t want people (especially children) to play with? Perhaps the switch shuts off a significant appliance in your home that you want to keep running at all times. Maybe it controls outdoor lights that you’ve since connected to a timer using smart bulbs. Whatever the reason, you can protect your switches and keep your electrical lights and appliances in the proper settings by covering those switches with a plastic switch guard. These accessories fit directly over the switch and connect using your existing wallplate screws. Guards can be found to fit both toggle and rocker switches, so you can keep any switch in your home covered and avoid having them tampered with.

Outlet Safety Caps

Electrical outlets can present a major safety hazard despite how common they are, especially for families with small children. Curious kids may often be tempted to stick foreign objects into electrical outlets. This can pose a serious risk of electrical shock. One of the simplest and most affordable protections you can buy are outlet safety caps. There’s no need to worry about replacing your outlet cover plates as they plug right into your electrical outlets and cover them up to prevent any little fingers from fiddling with the electricity that lies behind those openings.


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