3 Tips To Help You Effectively Teach Your Elderly Loved One About New Tech


As new technology gets on the market each and every day, it can be hard to keep up with everything that’s being introduced. And while you might feel like you can easily pick up new things and changes to the tech you’re using, many older adults don’t feel confident in their abilities to do this. But when they’re home alone or living in an assisted living facility, being able to use technology to help them with their daily lives can make them feel happier and more connected with the world.

So if you’re wanting to help educate someone on tech they could be using in their life, here are three tips to help you effectively teach your elderly loved one about new tech. 

Only Teach Them What They Want To Know

While you might feel well versed in all things technology, your elderly loved one likely doesn’t feel the same way. Because of this, learning even something that might seem basic to you can be very overwhelming to them. 

With this in mind, you should begin teaching your elderly loved one about tech by only teaching them the things that they want to know. Try to strip down what you’re teaching them to the very basics. And while you might know that doing something in addition to what you’re teaching them could be easier for you, more steps in a process or learning something in addition to the thing they’re wanting to learn can quickly become too much for them, so make sure you’re taking it slow. 

Write Shortcuts And Tips Down

Although the point of using some pieces of technology is to get away from having to do things by hand or use physical resources in your life, your elderly loved ones are likely very used to writing things down and having a hard copy of something that they can refer to.

Knowing this, you should help your elderly loved one to write down any shortcuts or tips that you’re sharing with them. This way, they’ll have something to refer back to when they’re using this tech on their own. 

Encourage Them To Practice Frequently

As with most things, teaching your elderly loved one how to do something once likely won’t be enough for them to really learn how to use this new tech on their own. They’ll need to practice frequently if they want to be able to use this new skill in the future and without your immediate help. If they need someone to practice with, try to make yourself available for this. 

If you’re wanting to help your elderly loved one learn how to use a new piece of technology that they’re not familiar with yet, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how to best teach them. 


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