3 Things to Think About For the Rest of 2021

3 Things to Think About For the Rest of 2021

So you’ve made it through 2020 and we’re halfway through 2021. So, how are you doing? Have you been able to navigate your way through the pandemic? Has your job or business flourished during these unprecedented times or has it been a real struggle?

Whatever side of things you are on, we now all find ourselves at the tail-end of it. Things are starting to open up, return to normal, and people have some serious decisions to make about how they want to live when things are fully back to normal.

There are some important decisions to make about our future and you need to prepare yourself for what could possibly be coming. Our world is unpredictable and we could be hit with a number of things, like another lockdown, more turbulent times, or who knows what.

So, if you are a business owner, remote worker, young professional, or more – here are three things you need to be thinking about, according to these business leaders.

(1) Your Cybersecurity

“More people are hacked every year that passes. Cyber criminals are extremely smart, put a lot of effort into accessing documents, and are extremely dangerous. They can access your sensitive files, steal your personal information, and even gain access to your banking information.

You need to be smart, put in the proper protocols to protect your information, and make sure you are ready for potential hacking. Change your passwords regularly, use an encrypted operating system, cut back on data sharing, use a VPN, and do a ton of research into other ways you can protect yourself.”

-Andy Michael, Founder of VPN Testing.

(2) How Do You Want to Work In The Future?

“Remote working has taken over the world and lots of people (employees, small businesses, and large organizations alike) are asking the question: is it here to stay?

Remote work provides everyone with a ton of benefits, but there are also lots of negatives to consider. It might allow companies to hire anyone in the world, but it can also be tough to run an effective remote company.

Another option for working is a more hybrid setting where you are remote part of the time, and in the office sometimes as well. This is an attractive option to many companies, but it means you’ll need an office space to go to.

So, whether you own a company or are an employee, you have to ask yourself the question: how do you want to work in the future? What kind of schedule would you like? What would make you happiest?”

-Donny Gamble, Serial Entrepreneur, Digital Nomad, and the Founder of Retirement Investments.

(3) How Can You Succeed Online?

“The only world has offered up a ton of possibilities and, if you weren’t aware of its possibilities before the pandemic, then you definitely are aware now. You can earn a ton of money, find great employment opportunities, learn a ton of valuable information, change careers, find friends and collaborators, create a company, and so much more.

You just need to understand how the Internet operates and find your corner where you can succeed. If you are able to understand the ways you can earn money and be happy, then you’ll be able to fit into this new technologically advanced society we have created.

It’s a great place to work and there are tons of benefits to the Internet, but there’s a ton of negatives as well. Find ways for you to succeed, learn as much as you can, and keep things relative to the life that you want!”

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