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God of Battle Ragnarok director Eric Williams revealed in an interview with IGN back in the day that Barlog said three things “needed to be completed” for the sequel to not only work but also conclude Kratos’ Norse saga. Based on God of Battle 2018 director Cory Barlog, the God of Battle Ragnarok sequel will need to have all three of these components.

“[Barlog] he gave me three problems that needed to be completed and I said that was fine,” Williams recalled. “And I used to say, ‘What are the three problems?’ [and] he says, ‘Okay, Ragnarok is going to happen. The kid is bought to go and Brok is going to die.

Ragnarok, the departure of Atreus, and the death of Brok all happen in the sequel to the God of Battle reboot, leading to one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the game. These three elements, according to Williams, would make Kratos’ Norse saga count in two games instead of three.


PlayStation “certainly” wanted the studio to make a sequel, according to Williams, but the team was debating whether it would be two or three games. Williams believed that the story could be told in two games, and Barlog agreed, saying that “two is the way to go.”

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