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we continue Brittany road trip With this new chapter. After exploring Cap Sizun, we also enjoyed discovering other oddities in the area… hop, let’s get through the long day on the way see the sights (Finister) ! On the show, typical Breton heritage and the magnificent Brest Aquarium.

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Content of this post Brittany
1. Pleiburn Parish closed
2. Les Plomarc’h, an authentic Brittany hamlet (and Gallo-Roman ruins)
3. Brest Ocean City Aquarium

1. Pleburne Parish closed

First, it is necessary to determine what is Parish closed! I learned from this trip to Brittany. It is a complex of buildings surrounding a church and surrounded by a low stone wall.Typical of Brittany, most of these places date back to the 16th centurye and seventeenthe Over the centuries, there are still 70 of them today.

The parish wall of Pleyben is a heritage complex combining a church, baptistery, ossuary and Calvary, in the heart of the village.The most monumental statue in Brittany, this carved Calvary tells the life of Christ through sculpture, much of it in xanton stone.

The Saint-Germain church is in Breton Gothic style with two bell towers. Definitely push the door, the interior is worth a visit!

Carved Calvary

Photo tour of this Brittany church:

2. Town of Plomarc’h

Picturesque little village near Douarnenez

Plomarch of Brittany - Heritage

Les Plomarc’h is an idyllic place! We walked along a walking path along the small village of Brittany stone houses, typical of the 18th century. It’s small, but what a charm! Some have been converted into stopover huts, next door there is an educational farm with local species (Landes sheep from Brittany or Belle-Ile-en-Mer, Pie Noire cows, white pigs from the West). I was impressed by the huge hydrangeas on the facade, Brittany in full bloom, we saw spectacular blooms forming everywhere. We strolled around the stone house and also had a view of the bay and Rossmoor Harbour.One great site to discover Pass near Duanes.

→ To park, it’s outside, then you have to walk to get to the site, but it’s a lovely walk.

Gallo-Roman garum vat

For the curious, you can continue along the open-air Gallo-Roman ruins. At the end of the trail, we found an ancient site that was used to make garum, a fermented paste made from fish. For archaeology lovers!

3. Brest Aquarium, Oceania

Since we are fascinated by animals and the sea world, we went to Brest to see its large aquarium, Océanopolis. Yes, it’s crowded, but worth a visit!It is connected between three pavilions dedicated to marine ecosystems Polar, Tropical and Temperate. We saw sharks, fish and other marine animals such as seals or sea otters. Video animations offer various bonus experiences, such as diving into the abyss in 3D during what could be a technically better experience, but we appreciate your efforts and the subject matter remains fascinating. I am so grateful for the focus on educating young audiences about the importance of protecting the ocean world!

You have to take the time to visit it, Ideally plan your day. Océanopolis was established in 1990 as part of the French aquarium group UCA and hosts various scientific research projects.

Don’t hesitate to dine at Océanopolis, rest’O serving local and fresh produce we love!

From Cap Sizun we had a long day on the road to visit these places in Finistere. We start with the big aquarium Departing from Brest and on the way back we pass through the parish paddock and Plomarc’h. A day is a bit much, but… it’s possible. It’s really good! I will be disappointed if I miss these places!

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