3 basic costumes that are indispensable in the mid-season wardrobe


In the past few days, we have officially entered the autumn. Going out during the year becomes a time of adventure.How many times have we been out in the morning, the weather is so cold, we have to wear coat? On the other hand, as time goes by, the temperature rises, so the layer we have been wearing disappears.From ‘Look’ We will give you some ideas so that you can wear your best clothes this summer without losing your life in trying.

Oversized Zara entertime jacket. / Zara

There is no doubt that a piece of clothing that cannot be missing in our dressing room, besides, it is very versatile and will not be out of date. raincoat. Although beige classics are “must have” and iconic styles, the truth is that new styles designed over the years allow us to create the best “street style”. Zara Launched a limited edition Kassl lacquered coat, in a “big size” style, made of lacquered linen, and cut with sculpture and architecture. It has lapels and long sleeves. In addition, it has a patch pocket with a flap on the front. They recommend buying a size one size smaller than usual from the company itself because it is very wide. Its price is 299 euros, but Bershka has a very similar “low-cost” version.

Pull & Bear blue jeans. They can also be found in shades of gray and black.  /Pull & Bear
Pull & Bear blue jeans. They can also be found in shades of gray and black. /Pull & Bear

Despite the eternal olive grove, skinny jeans have not disappeared from our lives. There are people who hate it, and people who like it. They are a kind of clothing that will always exist because there are a thousand and one ways to combine them and continue to be as charming as they were a few years ago.exist Rally and enduranceThey have a model that is very suitable for various silhouettes, although the best thing is its price: 15.99 euros. However, they can only be purchased through their website because they are exclusive online. The size ranges from 32 to 44, with different shades: Blue, black and gray.

Pink mango dress, priced at 14.99 euros. /mango
Pink mango dress, priced at 14.99 euros. /mango

Of course, we must not forget to add the dress to this mini list. At this time, a lot of works are provided. mango A model for 14.99 euros was proposed, and pink and floral prints were introduced. In particular, this design is eye-catching because of its simplicity. Ruffle pattern, bulky French sleeves made of 100% cotton, V-neck and button cuffs.

This design is marked as a “commitment”, which means that these products are “made with fibers and/or sustainable production processes, thereby reducing their environmental impact.” “Mango’s goal is to support the implementation of more environmentally conscious practices, thereby increasing the number of sustainable clothing in its collection,” said the Spanish company.

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