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According to sources, he claims that later this month, Capcom will hold a second round of Avenue Fighter 6 closed beta on PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series X|S. Anyone interested in contributing can sign up to enter the Capcom website between December 16 and 19. However, the company is taking a tougher policy this time around due to the variety of players who got their login credentials for the first closed beta.

2nd Avenue Fighter 6: Closed Beta

Before using it, players need to link their Capcom ID to their platform account, and once that’s done, their names will be entered into a lottery. Anyone who participated in the previous Avenue Fighter 6 closed beta will automatically be admitted to this new round of beta testing.

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Eight playable characters will once again be available to players in many matches: Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile, Juri, Jaime, Luke, and Kimberly. Avid gamers can once again participate in casual and ranked matches, as well as tournaments, battle hubs, sports venues, and intense battle modes. It will probably be possible to make use of the Metro Metropolis Downtown, Genbu Temple, Service Byron Taylor, Tian Hong Yuan, The Macho Ring and Coaching Room levels.

2nd Street Fighter 6 closed beta test is scheduled for December 13
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About the latest version


One of the biggest changes in the latest Street Fighter game is a move to make the control scheme more accessible to players of all skill levels. When the full game launches in 2023, the “dynamic” control scheme for native play will use a combination of optimized inputs and AI-assisted attacks to deliver the optimal offense based on your place in a scenario. The first closed beta version contained basic and modern control schemes.

2nd Street Fighter 6 closed beta test is scheduled for December 13
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The World Tour hub, where players can build unique characters to represent their avatars on the world stage, is another important side of Street Fighter 6. The good news is that you can technically play as one of your favorite world warriors. in the new Fall Guys DLC, which includes Ryu, Cammy and Akuma cosmetics for the fun battle royale extravaganza, even if you don’t access the latest closed beta.

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