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Audiovisual and Digital Communications Regulatory Authority (Arcom) formed by the merger of CSA and Hadopi on January 1 Looking back on his first 100 days since its creation.

On this occasion, supported by Médiamétrie research, Arcom highlighted the scale of sports piracy, with an average of 3 million internet users accessing sports content illegally each month, 18% saying they regularly watch sporting events illegally, 7% of internet users Users who pay to access illegal offers.

As part of a crackdown on sports piracy, 250 services that illegally broadcast sporting events were blocked in the first three months. In this case, football matches for the UEFA Champions League, French Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, Africa Cup of Nations and top 14 rugby.

Astonishing results according to Arcom

According to Arcom, the 250 online services blocked between January 20 and March 20 accounted for 63% of the illegal sports audience share measured in December 2021. The services were blocked following five court decisions by rights holders, four against beIN Sports and Canal+ and one against professional football leagues.

Satisfied with the amazing results, Arcom noted that it sometimes delayed by a few hours » After referral to rights holder.

Arcom, also seized by the legitimate claimant, can order the internet service provider to block the related illegal service, as well as all services that broadcast the same sporting event by illegal means, according to the court decision after seizure by the legitimate claimant. Provided and appear in court after a judge’s decision.

The next steps will be the automation of transfer procedures between rights holders, Arcom and ISPs to increase speed, as well as agreements to distribute blocking costs between rights holders and ISPs.


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