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  • A sketch shows what the future electric SUV 2024 Honda Prologue will look like for the first time.
  • Honda says the Prologue’s streamlined design will feature a long wheelbase, short overhangs and “powerful tires.”
  • The Prologue was developed in partnership with General Motors, which supplies Honda with the powertrain and battery.

    Judging by the sketches released by Honda today, the company’s next-generation electric SUV won’t have a wild design. Instead, the 2024 Honda Prologue appears to have a smooth finish with a subtle sturdiness.

    The sketch represents our first glimpse of the prologue, although some parts are noticeably exaggerated for dramatic effect. The full-color artwork exudes a strong anime vibe. Still, our eyes were drawn to the elongated elements spanning the top half of the front end and surrounding the elongated lighting elements. The chunky grille on the front bumper along with the fog lights, lower cladding and visible roof rails wouldn’t look out of place on a Subaru or any adventurous modern crossover.

    Honda says the Prologue’s design will incorporate a long wheelbase between short overhangs. The company also said that the EV SUV will come with “powerful tires.” While a set of Firestone Destination LE 2 all-season tires, like the ones on the Honda Passport TrailSport we tested, look aggressive, they certainly don’t have as much rolling resistance as rubber on most vehicles. electric. Perhaps to make up for that, Honda also says it’s focused on the aerodynamics of the Prologue’s styling, with the obvious goal of maximizing efficiency while reducing interior noise levels, which could be more pronounced in the absence of the internal combustion engine.

    For anyone who has forgotten or hasn’t realized yet, the 2024 Prologue is part of a Honda-GM joint venture. GM will share its Ultium battery platform that underpins upcoming models including the Cadillac Lyriq and GMC Hummer EV. Honda will then design the body and interior of vehicles like the Prologue; Acura will also have a more luxurious version of its own, yet to be publicly named.

    Following the launch of the Prologue and its Acura sibling, Honda will introduce a new model based on the company’s own electric platform, the e:Architecture. Production of these products is expected to begin in 2026. In 2027, Honda and General Motors will once again join forces to build and sell a “new line” of affordable electric compact crossovers. All of this culminates in Honda’s goal of selling 500,000 electric vehicles in North America by 2030, and fulfilling its promise to sell only electric and fuel cell vehicles by 2040.

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