2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV interior details revealed in video


  • A short video shows more internal details of the upcoming 2024 Chevy Equinox EV.
  • We now know that the electric Equinox will have a giant touchscreen, customizable interior ambient lighting, and what looks like a column shifter.
  • The Equinox EV in the video is identified as an LT model, and Chevrolet says its availability will be announced at a later date.

    Chevrolet offers interior preview of upcoming 2024 Equinox EV A video posted today on its consumer website. While this isn’t the first time an electric Equinox has been seen inside — a sketch of the cabin was shown when the new EV was unveiled in January — the video offers a more realistic viewing experience. Although it is rendered.

    The 30-second video begins with a glowing bow-tie logo above Earth and spinning below during the lunar eclipse. In the video’s description, Chevrolet wrote: Lunar eclipses bring new beginnings. The first-ever all-electric Equinox is coming. Of course, we’ve known for a long time that the Equinox EV is expected to arrive in the fall of 2023. Aside from exuding the sci-fi vibe usually associated with electric cars, the lunar eclipse in the video coincides with an actual lunar eclipse. Happened today (May 16).

    The video then turns into a close-up of the new HVAC vent, one of two circular units located at either end of the dash. The fine print below tells us we’re looking at the interior of the LT trim level, but we’re told its availability will be announced at a later date. The RS model is likely to go on sale first in the fall of 2023. Chevrolet didn’t reveal pricing for the 2024 Equinox EV RS, but the LT should start around $30,000.

    Pictured below is the Equinox’s floating center console, with an open storage area at the bottom and a compartment at the top under the center console. One of the most notable features shown in the video is the ambient lighting on the panels on the passenger side of the dash and near the door handles. In the video, we see the color of the lights change from white to blue, and Chevrolet says on its consumer website that the color can be customized.

    The final scene is a wide-angle view of the dashboard, including the digital instrument cluster and the large touchscreen that controls the infotainment system. We also saw the steering wheel of the SUV and what looked like a column-mounted shifter. That’s thanks to the lack of a gear selector on the center stack, which we can see from a higher angle, revealing a pair of USB-C ports and a pair of cupholders.

    A closer inspection of the Chevrolet video showed the odometer reading 48,211 miles. This number is also the zip code for GM’s Factory Zero plant in Detroit, Michigan. It’s the same plant GMC Hummer EV is building, and is part of GM’s ambitious plan to produce 400,000 electric vehicles in North America by the end of 2023. Naturally, the Equinox 2024 EV will play a major role in this. street.

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