2023 Elections: Peter Obi says the fate of Africa depends on Nigeria

2023: Nigeria cannot have so many people living in poverty and not have criminality- Peter Obi

Peter Obithe Labor Party presidential candidate, said the fate of Africa depends on the political choices of Nigeria, hence the reason Nigerians should hold their elected officials accountable.

The politician revealed it in a statement on Friday night after the “Shape the Future” conference in Enugu.

Obi’s warning: He warned that Nigeria is on its knees and troubled by many problems despite being the giant of Africa. He added that while the fate of Africa depends on Nigeria, the fate of Nigeria depends on good leaders. He said:

  • “Good leaders emerge only from a system of strong and capable followers, who are accountable to those they choose to lead them.
  • “It depends on you! Are you tired of this country? Then, it’s time to act. Let us make the Office of the enlightened citizen the highest office in the land. It’s time to take back your country!
  • “Nigeria is the giant of Africa. But we are on our knees, burdened by many problems. Every time we try to stand up, it seems that something is stopping us. Meanwhile, we all know the problems and the issues facing us.”

Problems in Nigeria: He highlighted the issues facing Nigerians which include bad leaders, insecurity, corruption, poor economic management, incompetent people holding positions at various levels of government, serious poverty in the midst of abundance, and ethnic crises.

He called on Nigerians to hold their leaders accountable by using their constitutionally conferred and recognized powers to hold leaders accountable; whether it is by asking them to resign or by pressuring our elected representatives to pursue impeachment proceedings against them.

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  • “I want to state that the path to Nigeria’s rebirth is clear: it is anchored and driven by young Nigerians. Seizing the Time to Shape the Future should be your mantra and mission,” he said.


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