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This is undoubtedly the most watched event on the French internet. The Z Campaign is a two-day charity event organised by streamer Adrien Nougaret (alias Zerator) in hopes of doing better than the 10 million collected last year. Conservation of the environment is in the spotlight during this period, which closes in Montpellier on Monday 12 September.

It’s hard to explain the Z event and the craze surrounding it to someone who doesn’t understand the world of streaming at all. Anyone who doesn’t master the Twitch streaming platform and video game code will quickly get lost.

To keep things simple, the French internet’s most famous anchor was invited by Zerator Adrien Nougaret to run a two-day non-stop live marathon over two days.

Netizens watch them play with each other, joke around and give them donations. Then donate to the association’s donation.In the first edition in 2016, 170,000 euros were raised for the organization save the child. The event has gone from strength to strength since then: Z Event 2021 brings together more than 10 million euros for NGOs Action Against Hunger. Performance praised by Emmanuel Macron himself.

2 million euros have been raised

This 2022 edition begins this Friday and ends Sunday night through Monday. She left on a very good footing as she made her first million euros in less than four hours. A record! On Saturday night, the threshold of 2 million euros had already been crossed.

This year, four environmental associations will share the final prize: Sea ShepherdThis Bird Alliance (LPO), sea ​​cleaner and World Wildlife Fund.

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