2022 New York Auto Show Review – The City That Never Sleeps


While the 2022 New York Auto Show isn’t the first major auto show to take place since COVID-19 shut down the world in March 2020, Chicago has held auto shows in 2021 and 2022, while Los Angeles was in its usual place last year. Detroit had Motorbella last summer.

However, for whatever reason — the easing of COVID restrictions, the first New York show since COVID, and the presence of New York journalists who didn’t condescend to travel west of the Hudson to see other shows — there were previews That’s how it feels. this It will be a performance that marks a return to normalcy. Not the Los Angeles of 2021, nor the Chicago of a few months ago—no, that’s it.

Well, not quite. If you define “normal” as at least one auto show press conference full of new and redesigned vehicle debuts, maybe a cool concept or two. Instead, we have two updated three-row SUVs that happen to share a platform, an updated crossover, a stretched full-size luxury barge SUV, an interesting concept that’s another one that’s been proposed Variants, one update another very quiet crossover, the manufacturer didn’t even attend press conferences and a bunch of EV startups — only one of which seemed worth monitoring.

Blame it on COVID, chip supply chain and shortage issues (at least in part COVID-related), the cadence of product launches, a slow shift in trade show auto off-site activity, or both, but the 2022 New York International Auto Show is relatively Quiet.

I don’t even have a strong grasp. The updates to the Hyundai Palisade and Kia Telluride are so sweet that I shrugged. Increasing the length of the Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer also didn’t give me much of a fight, although I did notice that the already odd proportions looked even weirder, especially in the photos.

Aside from VinFast, a company worth keeping an eye on again, my interest is mostly driven by the Chrysler Airflow – which seems to be closer to production than one might expect, and it may help put the shrinking mark back on the radar. It’s probably the closest any “new” vehicle to the reveal will be the star of the show. Ironically, Chrysler’s booth — the home of a dubious star — was just around the corner.

Even off-field action in New York is limited. Ford has done something I can’t with the Lightning, which seems to be the only off-site event to show the vehicle – the Lightning has been unveiled. BMW also hosted an invite-only event the morning of the second day of the show, with TTAC not on the guest list.

This is in stark contrast to years past, when journalists were awkwardly sipping cocktails at random art galleries and event venues, waiting for OEM X or Y to unveil a new car. The show often includes loud music and boring, self-serving speeches—and sometimes some kind of performance art. I still remember a Scion – yes, Scion – event in the West End that involved some sort of trapeze art and some weird lighting stuff.

Maybe just the lack of so-called “fun” cars. The Toyota GR Corolla was there, but it was shown off the field a few weeks ago. The only truly “sexy” cars on show at the show were a supercar from startup Deus and an electric version of the old Shelby Cobra. Otherwise, it’s the central intersection, because that’s where the market continues to develop.

Once again, is the New York show itself an empty shell due to the issues plaguing the industry? Or is it simply the result of the ebb and flow of product release cadences? Is this just another sign I’ve been debating for years – auto shows are for consumers, not media?

I do not know. If I did, I would be a well-paid consultant, not a humble blogger. I think the real key will be to see how a real late-summer show in Detroit this summer — and see what happens in Los Angeles in two months’ time.

Maybe the auto show media day is over. Maybe not. All I know is that if you’re hungry in Hell’s Kitchen, I know where to find great chicken parmesan for a reasonable price. I also now know of a certain bagel shop that seems hesitant to get a proper order, but produces food so good that you wouldn’t care.

I mean “TTAC surprises Manhattan” must be better than a bunch of posts about memorable crossovers getting memorable refreshments, right?

OK I see the look you give me. Hope to have more news next time.

[Image © 2022 Tim Healey/TTAC]

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