2022 NCAA National Championship Live: Kansas Starts Series 7-0 Against UNC


TI have Resin North Carolina Heels encounter a Kansas Jayhawks in NCAA Tournament Championship Game today.

The game will start at 9:20 pm ET from Caesar Superdome in New Orleans. Stay tuned for all the latest updates and highlights in this article.

1st HALF – 4:46 pm – Kansas start 7-0

Kansas started the first half with a 7-0 hitting streak that was cut by a three from UNC’s Brady Maneka. McCormack then added two more points to give Kansas an early six-point lead.

UNC Councils vs. Kansas

Kansas won the first possession of the night, culminating in a three-pointer by Ochai Agbaji. On the other hand, UNC failed to score, which led mid-range jumping David McCormack to start the game with a 5-0 hitting streak from Kansas.

Patrick Mahomes is a fan of the Jayhawks

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes took the opportunity to wish the Kansas Jayhawks good luck on Twitter. Mahomes, a Texas Institute of Technology graduate, is changing colors today to cheer on his current city’s college basketball team.

UNC wants to make history

After winning the national championship, the Tar Heels would become the team with the most wins of all time (10) over the No. 1 seed in NCAA tournament history, breaking a tie with Duke. North Carolina was the No. 8 seed in 1990 when Hubert Davis was a UNC player and defeated No. 1 Oklahoma.

Armando Bakot as part of UNC

Despite injuring his ankle during his Final Four win over Duke, Armando Bacott is officially in the UNC starting lineup against Kansas. After the game against Duke, Backot said he needed to “get it over with” and get back to “the greatest college basketball game of all time.”

Kansas Jayhawks warm up

The Kansas Jayhawks are already gearing up for the big game. Chris Teehan showed off to the cameras and the assembled crowd with a clear bird’s eye shot.

NCAA National Championship Trailer (Kansas)

The Kansas Jayhawks have released a trailer for the NCAA National Championship saying it’s time to drop another banner. The trailer, narrated by coach Danny Manning, sums up the difference between a winner and a champion in five words.

NCAA National Championship Trailer (UNC)

The University of North Carolina has released a trailer on its way to the NCAA National Championship. An epic trailer highlighting the most important moments of the season serves as a reminder of how UNC basketball has already done the impossible.

NCAA Natty ticket prices plummet

After the Duke Blue Devils were eliminated by the North Carolina Tar Heels, ticket prices for NCAA National Championship has plummeted. In fact, tickets for the women’s end are almost twice as expensive as those for the men’s end.

UNC was not ranked nationally

North Carolina, which had no national rankings, entered the championship game as the No. 8 seed from the East Region. In the second round, the Tar Heels defeated the defending champion. Baylor during overtime. in the Bears were the best crop in the region.

They moved into this game after defeating the No. 2 seed. duke on Saturday. The Tar Heels have been leading 11-1 since February 19, averaging 77.8 points per game. In all 12 of those games, the Tar Heels outperformed their opponents.


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