2022 NBA Draft: Who is Chet Holmgren and is he special enough to come out first overall?


Chet Holmgren 20 year old basketball player 2022 NBA draft with a lot of public doubt related to his physique and longevity potential in the league.

His 7-foot height and ability to shoot above average should be more than enough to keep anyone interested. NBA franchise, and it doesn’t help that the 2022 draft class is filled with huge talent.

Paolo Banchero most likely to be picked as number 1 as he has an NBA ready body and is a player who will instantly help Orlando Magic become the best team.

Holmgren, on the other hand, will need a couple more years to grow into his “male body” before he can make an impact on winning at the professional level.

Chet Holmgren vs. Steph Curry

In 2019, Holmgren caught the attention of the whole country after the transition Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry SC30 Select camp.

The Minnesota native continued to play college basketball. Gonzaga for one season, helping Division I the program reaches Sweet 16 in 2022 March Madness tournament.

As a freshman, Holmgren averaged 14.1 points9.9 rebounds and 3.7 blocks per game before deciding to call 2022 NBA draft.

Chet Holmgren, the new Kevin Durant

Comparing recruits to certified NBA superstars is a dangerous trajectory, but Holmgren has many similar setbacks that Kevin Duran when he entered the league.

He never put on a significant amount of muscle during his career, and he still managed to find success in the NBA due to his skill set.

Giannis Antetokounmpo this is another example of what can happen to Holmgren’s career.

Body type Greek freak at 20, he was a shadow of who he is now, after years of countless hours in the gym.

Holmgren certainly has a lot of room for improvement when it comes to his body, but the rest of his basketball qualities are undeniably on point.

Wherein, Oklahoma City Thunder can choose Holmgren at number 2 if they agree with the comparison to Durant, the franchise legend.

Although the term “Unicorn“Overused when it comes to basketball players, Holmgren is the epitome of great success in the NBA, and teams that miss him in the draft can make a huge mistake.


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