2022 Final Four: Villanova cuts deficit from 19 to 11 at halftime against Kansas


march madness almost over. However, today we present you both matches NCAA Final Four.

The official schedule shows that Villanova against Kansas this is the first game of the evening.

Activity Final four starts at 6:09 pm EST.

BREAK – Villanova 29-39 Kansas

With Kansas off the gas pedal, Villanova closed the scoreboard, cutting a 19-point lead to nine before halftime. Kansas went scoreless for over four minutes, but a layup stopped the drought and made the game 11 points. In the last possession of the half, Kansas missed a couple of tries to leave the score at 29–40.

1ST HALF – 3:35 – Villanova digs herself a huge hole

Despite a couple of goals and a few defensive stops, Villanova is digging into a huge hole that could be too deep to climb out of in the second half. They have twice as many turnovers as Kansas and throw a measly 35% from the floor.

1ST HALF – 6:00 – Kansas heats up from depth

Caleb Daniels ended the I-1 after a timeout, leaving Villanova 12 points behind him. Wilson responded with a basket for the Jayhawks. Kansas shoots 7 of 10 from behind the arc.

1ST HALF – 9:28 – Kansas continues to push

Both sides went out of time to hit a three-pointer, but Kansas extended the game with offensive rebounds to hit four more and force a timeout for Villanova. Kansas is shooting collectively 9 of 15 from the field to Villanova’s 4 of 12.

1ST HALF – 11:33 – Slow start for Wildcats

The Villanova Wildcats are struggling on both sides, but they’re lucky they’re only 11 behind. Kansas has forced five losses so far.

Villanova – Kansas.

Kansas went on an 11-2 hitting streak, starting the first half of the night. Kansas’ defense was impressive from the start, keeping Villanova in a single pot.

Villanova vs. Kansas

Kansas lonely Seed #1 on the left in parentheses can be Bill Self best chance to add the elusive second national championship to the one he and the Jayhawks won in 2008.

Villanova next year, and another Wildcats trip to Final four. loss Justin Moore Achilles tendon rupture is hard, but never count Jay Wright command.

Kansas is the clear favorite to win the game with 60% chance.

Duke vs. North Carolina

Coach K. at its end NCAA Tournament. A national title would be the perfect end to a career in the Hall of Fame, which includes the most wins in NCAA history.

Duke might be inspired by Coach K’s last dance.

MeanwhileHubert Davis of North Carolina took the reins from Roy Williams and continued the Tar Heels on their way to the championship. He follows Bill Guthridge taking UNC to the Final Four in his first season.

According to bookmakers, duke you have 60% chance to win the game.


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