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Ford’s Mercury division built rear-drive Cougars from 1967 to 1997, followed by a series of Cougars from 1999 to 2002 front wheel drive cougar Based on the Mondeo chassis.today junkyard lookup So historic in three ways: it was the last model year of the rear-drive Cougar, it was 30th Anniversary Special Edition From the beginning man’s car, this is the last year of the XR7 luxury package. Tears flowed down my cheeks, really!

1997 Mercury Cougar in California Junkyard, trunk lid sign - ©2022 Murilee Martin - Truth About Cars

You could argue that ditching rear-wheel drive and then switching to a British platform after skipping a model year violates Cougar tradition, but one constant about the Cougar name is that Ford never cared about Cougar tradition. The car started very long, Gingerbread Mustang and cool looking sequential tail lights (1967-1973), then became Rococo in Turin (1974-1976), then bling-up LTD II car and wagon version Added (1977-1979), followed by a semi-supported version of the Fox platform, which thankfully reverted to pure coupe form a few years later (1980-1988) before switching to the platform complex MN12 Thunderbird/Mark VIII From 1989 to 1997. In fact, if only The near-clone cougars that have never been sold by Ford and/or Lincoln are 1999-2002 generationA sporty compact car that looks nothing like it Mondeo/Countour Platform Partners.

1997 Mercury Cougar in California Junkyard, 30th Anniversary Embroidery - ©2022 Murilee Martin - The Truth About Cars

Ford created a number of special edition cars to celebrate the production milestones of this period, mainly Mustang (including the least wanted 35th Anniversary Edition).Cougars seem to have a celebratory version his 20, 30 daysand 35th Birthday.Sadly, the Cougar was phased out a year before Ford Motor Company’s 100th anniversary, so it never had a chance to be Sold in black “any color you like” with a Centennial Edition badge.

1997 Mercury Cougar in California junkyard, Lorain Assembly Sticker - ©2022 Murilee Martin - The Truth About Cars

30th Anniversary Cougar Only available on XR7 – in fact, all The 1997 Cougars were XR7s with Toreador Red paint, leather/cloth seats with commemorative embroidery and special aluminum wheels.

1997 Mercury Cougar in California Junkyard, Interior - ©2022 Murilee Martin - The Truth About Cars

The 30th Anniversary Package only adds $495 to the cost of the $17,830 car (if you include the 2022 Frogskin, the $31,795 car costs about $880), which is worth it for the slick wheels . Until now, I thought today’s Junkyard Find was my first 30th Anniversary Cougar, but now I realize that the Florida Man Faux-Vertible XR7 from Toreador Red that we admired nearly 10 years ago is just such a junk Embroidered car tailored by field buyers.

1997 Mercury Cougar in California Junkyard, engine - ©2022 Murilee Martin - The Truth About Cars

The only engine available in the 1994-1997 Cougar was Ford’s modern and (usually) very reliable 4.6-liter SOHC. Modular V8. This engine is rated at 205 hp, 45 less than the 4.6 in the same year Crown Victoria Police Interceptor I own.

The only years with the MN12 Cougar manual transmission were 1989 and 1990, although the manual returned Mondeo Cougar.

1997 Mercury Cougar in California Junkyard, rear view LH - ©2022 Murilee Martin - Truth About Cars

It takes Sajeev Mehta Dearborn fanatics to restore the 30th anniversary XR7, and the car is located in a Northern California yard thousands of miles from Houston.Mustang-based cougars still strive for stable pricesFox fanatics could salvage 1980-1988 in spades, but MN12 cars aren’t worth much these days.

1997 Mercury Cougar in California Junkyard, Interior - ©2022 Murilee Martin - The Truth About Cars

Still, the MN12 is the best-handling and probably the quietest member of the Cougar family, so we have to give them some respect.

All this mobility…and Mercury mass.

At 16, you got your mother’s station wagon with an 8-track player in it. At 22, you have an old rustmobile.is it time you have one real Own?

Kate Jackson The funny pronunciation of “Mercury” is used in this ad.

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