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Bring a trailer from the car and driver to the auction of the day

• Example of a 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge powered by Ram Air III Yes at auction Bring the trailer now.

• This Judge GTO features a replacement Ram Air III 400 cubic inch V8 engine with a Muncie M20 four-speed manual transmission and Safe-T-Track rear axle.

• The auction will end on Sunday, April 24 and begin Thursday with bids of $22,500.

As the proud owner of a 1968 GTO, I would be remiss if I didn’t call this 1969 GTO judge a special car. at auction Bring a trailer – like car and driver, part of Hearst Motors.judge is a A special example of a late 1960s muscle car. Like the current owner of this 1969 GTO Judge, I received it through my dad, who worked various jobs at the Pontiac factory during his college summers. One summer he was shoveling sand at the iron foundry, one summer at the assembly plant for the chassis line, and the last at the finishing plant, adjusting the headlights and getting them ready to ship. It seemed fitting that he ended up owning a GTO himself one day.

This GTO judge is currently based in California; however, it was originally delivered to a dealer in Anchorage, Alaska. The car has a neat title, but more importantly, the Pontiac Historic Service documents that come with it show that it really is a true judge. The car has been repainted in Carousel Red and includes the optional Judges package, which includes a black grille, decklid mounting wings, tri-color graphics and “Judges” badges on the front fenders.

The replacement 400-cubic-inch Ram Air V8 has a four-barrel carburetor and electric ignition. In addition to the V-8 and Muncie M20 transmission, it features a hood-mounted tachometer, power steering, 15-inch Cragar S/S wheels, electric front disc brakes, wheel wells, retractable headlights, and Hurst T-shape Handlebar shifter. Hurst shifters are factory installed on the Pontiac GTO manual transmission. Pontiac also offers a two-door shifter, sadly named His and Hers, which allows manual shifting for drag racing or standard automatic functions.

Additional equipment for this GTO Judge includes a body-color Endura front bumper, chrome rear bumper, polished swingarm and wheel opening trim, hood-mounted scoops and a dual-exit bottom exhaust. rear bumper. Like any beloved classic car, this one has some dents, some rust and paint chips, scratches and blemishes. The cabin includes bucket seats and black vinyl-covered rear bench seats, along with a matching dash and faux wood dash. The door locks on this car didn’t work, I had a similar problem with my car, and as my local classic car shop told me, it’s a common problem with GTOs.

The Judge is not only designed to help GTO sales, but also to be a direct competitor to the Plymouth Road Runner. In mid-1971, the judges were removed from office, although the GTO continued until 1974. While owning an American muscle car is a privilege, the judge would certainly be a goat to be proud of.this Auction Online Until Sunday afternoon, April 24th.

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