1899 Released and Reviewed on Netflix


The first promo of 1899, a German mystery-thriller period drama, is published. Netflix. The video shows a migrant steamer sailing to the new world until it encounters the enigmatic Prometheus, a second ship that has been missing for months.

Additionally, there are frequent depictions of a black triangle, a geisha who seems to be on the run, and the figure of Emily Beecham pinned to a chair while protesting her sanity. In the background, the Alllong High Watchtower by Bob Dylan is covered by Jimi Hendrix. And he decided to publish it at 17.pearl November

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1899 Review

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Perhaps its worst flaw is that 1899 seems figuratively determined to overcome the gloom of its predecessor. There is a difference between menacing dullness and impenetrable darkness, and Friese and bo Odar’s dramas often fall prey to the latter.

It wraps its gripping drama entirely in dark colors, making it difficult to distinguish anything. It’s the overly atmospheric state of darkness that’s particularly annoying given how brilliantly gruesome the show’s visuals in general are.

There are iridescent lamps that surround and hide, and passages and rooms illuminated by waves of fog, and luminous apparatus and equipment with uses as obscure as the doors and passages through which their characters must enter.

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Actors of the Series

Netflix Life

cast Netflix1899 is what makes the frantic social spiral of this seafaring community compelling. The best performances of this season come from Emily Beecham as Maura Franklin and Andreas Pietschmann as Eyk Larson.

The characterization of Maura by Beecham and her motivations for taking part in the Kerberos panel are crucial to the plot. He’s more determined than anyone else on board to determine what’s going on.

Pietschmann leaves his mark as the brooding and passionate Captain Eyk, who delivers one of the most powerful statements in production as he grapples with ghosts from his past.

Eyk and Maura are the focal points of the season as a whole. The two of them do a great job of removing this complex story and playing the various other character members.

This part of Odar and Friese’s 1899 writing will no doubt be enjoyed by Dark fans, but it can be daunting for newcomers. There is a large cast of characters, all with important roles to play in the story, and a lot of data to hide.

Fortunately, the show is as fun to watch as it is confusing. Especially if you paid close attention and noticed the tips the authors gave along the way.

Giving too much information could be a spoiler for this series, so even if you want to overeat, take the time to watch it.

Additionally, it contributes to the publication of this review days later than everyone else. This is the kind of series that benefits from being watched in multiple episodes, so you can try to figure it all out while the various chapter cliffs and explorations agitate your brain.


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