Yo Xplor: Electric mobility made easy

Yo Xplor: Electric mobility made easy
Yo Xplor: Electric mobility made easy

The Yo Smart and Yo Speed were pretty successful models for The Electrotherm Group. In 2009 however, the company had introduced two new models – the Yo Electron and Yo Xplorer. These scooters also come with extra-range variants such as the Yo Electron ER and Yo Xplor ER. All these scooters are environment-friendly and economical models. Both the scooters operate on a rechargeable battery and a 250W motor. The scooters can cover a total range of about 100-110 km on a fully charged battery. The option of an extra battery is also available, which is said to increase the range by 70-80 km.
Packed neatly within the frame is a 250 W brushless DC hub motor. The motor is fully electric and comes paired to an automatic transmission.
The Yo Xplor is one of the very few electric scooters that actually looks cute, thanks to its aerodynamic nose with those sharp creases on the front apron, the arrow-shaped clear lens indicators and the handlebar-mounted headlamp cluster. The side profile is well sculpted and at the rear, it sports a well-designed tail light with a large, body-coloured grab-handle for the pillion. The scooter comes with a dual-tone colour theme. The Xplor gets a dual pod instrument cluster which includes a speedometer, and a few tell-tale lights. In terms of dimensions, the Xplor is 1835mm in length, 830mm in width and 1155mm in height. The scooter surges ahead in a peppy manner, thanks to the amount of torque available. In traffic, the scooter is very light and easy to ride and can manage a top speed of 25kph. What’s disappointing, however, is when you have to climb a slope; it literally struggles. There is no whine from the motor and the scooter is free from vibrations. Performance is adequate for crowded cities. At 91kgs, the scooter feels light and nimble. The ground clearance, on the other hand, is 140mm, while the scooter has a seat height of 774mm.
The Yo Xplor has a battery capacity of 24Ah and is a VRLA battery. In terms of range, the scooter is capable of covering 75-80kms on a single charge, by ARAI.
Mechanical Parts
You sit in an upright posture on the scooter, and the seat offers sufficient space, comfort and support. The footboard is reasonably roomy for the rider’s limbs. In a straight line and around corners, the scooter is planted and is very flickable, thanks to its lightweight frame. The tyres are a little too weedy for good grip, and we suggest not pushing it too much around bends. The drum brakes bite well and provide sufficient stopping power for the scooter. At the front, the scooter rides on telescopic forks, while the rear gets double coil spring shock-absorbers. As far as the chassis is concerned, it is built around a reinforced high strength steel frame. The Xplor runs on 16×3 tyres at the front and 16×3 tyres at the rear. Retardation duties are taken care of by drum brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear.
The scooter comes loaded with a slew of features like a rear grab handle, glove box compartment, mag wheels, analogue instrument cluster, telescopic suspension, drum brakes and a pass light switch.
The Yo Xplor is available in a variety of shades like Blue, Black, Red and White. Blue is certainly a colour that is bound to be a favourite among young riders.
Feel free to step into a showroom or browse through the company’s website to know all the necessary details on the bike. It will help you with details that cover specifications, colours and accessory options.
Prices and Variants
The Yo Xplor is available in one variant: Xplor Standard for ₹ 35,563 (ex-showroom, Delhi). For further details and the on-road price of the scooter, you can head to autoX.
There is a lot more information available on the Yo Xplor, along with detailed reviews of the same. You can tune into autoX to know more about the brand, its models and news related to the product. Also, grab the latest info on the new scooty, only at autoX.


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